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What kind of game is this?

An old classic game now comes improved to your mobile' s screen as an arcade game. Taking advantage of the accelerometer of your device you try to drive the balls into the holes in thirty different levels with three types of difficulty.

Why should I play this game?

Because of three different reasons:

  • It's simple: the game is based on an extremely simple but original idea. The game's objective is to drive the balls into the holes or into the holes with the appropriate colors, by slightly tilting your device.
  • It's addictive: in a realistic physics simulation you try to take advantage of gravity, making the balls follow just your hand movement. You easily catch yourself getting stuck, until the last ball gets in the hole. Your only opponent is time and your only ally is your skill.
  • It's fun: With two different game modes (arcade and time mode), realistic movement, well-designed graphics and beautifully matching sounds, which give a retro jazz feeling, it's an easy way to spend your time pleasantly, playing over and over again.

Can I have a better look at it?

You can see some screenshots of the game and watch the game videos.

If you are a press member you can also check our press kit and download the most relevant content material.

Where can I buy it?

The game is available on the App Store for iPhone/iPodTouch and iPad devices.

It is also available on Google Play for Android compatible phones and tablets.

Simple. Addictive. Fun.